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Alison Brie Stylish for a Cosmopolitan Photo Cover and Layout

Alison Brie posed for Cosmopolitan Italia for their Aug 2018 cover and inside spread. She looks fabulous as usual wearing fashionable attire that shows off her sexy legs and gorgeous curves. She is one of my favorite celebrities these days as she is making a ferocious push to get her latest TV show, ‘Glow’, plenty of promotion. I find the show rather crappy but if it gets her in front of the promotional circuit working the red carpet and other media events then I’m 100% in support.

alison briealison brie alison brie  alison brie



Alison Brie Sexy Pop Art Style for Nylon

Alison Brie looked particularly sexy and cute for Nylon magazine showing off her sexy legs in an otherwise strange pop art photoshoot. She is one of my favorite personalities appearing in media as she is fabulously gorgeous, has great curves and lovely legs. I am usually eager to see her make appearances in the various media outlets promoting her latest projects. She is a classy and funny interview who tends to bring her sex appeal. She’s a favorite.

alison brie alison brie



Olivia Munn Gorgeous and Stylish on Prestige Cover

Olivia Munn made the cover of Prestige Hong Kong and really sexed up the joint. She looked amazing in various poses and fashion choices. The woman is one of the most exotic and sexy women working in Hollywood. She makes a great addition to the X-Men series as Psylocke.

olivia munn prestigeolivia munn prestige  olivia munn prestige olivia munn prestige

Christina Hendricks is Gorgeous in a Figure Hugging Black Dress in a Curvy Shoot for Rhapsody Magazine

Christina Hendricks posed for Rhapsody magazine wearing a stunning black dress. It showed off her curves and beautiful cleavage. This is one of the most gorgeous photos of an actress I have seen in quite a while.

Christina Hendricks