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Sofia Vergara Long Legs in a Home and Style Magazine Shoot

Sofia Vergara posed for Hola magazine with her husband inside of her home. Most of the photos were less than interesting except for this one were she shows off her lovely long legs and bountiful cleavage in a short lace strapless number with sky high ankle strap high heels. She looks amazing as usual.

sofia vergara


Sofia Vergara Twitter Bikini Booty

Sofia Vergara is well-known for her voluptuous body. Most of the attention she gets is because of her big natural boobs which they feature on her awful TV show at times. See cleavage 1 and 2 below.

sofia vergara sofia vergara

Though objectifying each body part is rather offensive along with the aforementioned boobs her legs are long and gorgeous and based on her Twitter feed she seems to take great pride in her booty. She has incredible style wearing tight and revealing attire, along with towering high heels, to show off her curves. She seems to enjoy the attention her sex appeal generates as she displays in these Twitter photos she posted of her in a skimpy bikini.

sofia vergara sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara Sexy Cleavage and Long Legs Posing in GQ India

Sofia Vergara posed for India’s GQ magazine looking quite ravishing. I had no idea India had GQ, but I digress. So her cleavage was massive and her legs appeared long. She wore a variety of tank tops, lingerie and a slip with sky high heels. She has an impossible body with amazing curves and long legs. She really seems to enjoy showing off her sex appeal. She has numerous fans that are quite happy that she does.

Sofia Vergara curves Sofia Vergara legs Sofia Vergara cleavage Sofia Vergara boobs Sofia Vergara in high heels