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Maggie Grace Long Legs in Towering High Heels

An oldie but goodie starring Maggie Grace and her long sexy legs in a revealing photoshoot. She wore a formal tuxedo jacket and staggering high stilettos to show off her fabulous legs. I don’t see her much at red carpet events to comment about what she is doing lately but these images are quite amazing and makes me wish we would see more of her than we have.

maggie grace maggie grace maggie grace


Hailee Steinfeld Gorgeous and Sexy for Harper’s Bazaar

Hailee Steinfeld made the cover of Harper’s Bazaar a lot more interesting. The gorgeous actress/singer looked amazing in a weird feather shirt but with fabulous hair and perfect makeup application. The young woman is an incredible beauty. Always looking forward to seeing what she wears to the red carpet and seeing her in various print media.

hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld


Jennifer Aniston Fabulous Legs and Curves for InStyle Magazine

Jennifer Aniston posed for InStyle magazine looking as fabulous as ever. She showed off her perfect celebrity legs in short attire as well as displaying her wonderful bosom in a plunging neckline top in a tasteful and stylish photoshoot. She gave a neat interview in the pages of the magazine talking about her experiences as an actress in toxic Hollywood. It sounds like nobody gave her much crap. She remains a favorite and certainly continues to be one of the most stylish and classy women in Hollywood.

jennifer aniston jennifer aniston jennifer aniston jennifer aniston

Alison Brie Stylish for a Cosmopolitan Photo Cover and Layout

Alison Brie posed for Cosmopolitan Italia for their Aug 2018 cover and inside spread. She looks fabulous as usual wearing fashionable attire that shows off her sexy legs and gorgeous curves. She is one of my favorite celebrities these days as she is making a ferocious push to get her latest TV show, ‘Glow’, plenty of promotion. I find the show rather crappy but if it gets her in front of the promotional circuit working the red carpet and other media events then I’m 100% in support.

alison briealison brie alison brie  alison brie



Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Long Legs in a LBD and Stilettos

Charlize Theron shows off her long legs in a featured spread for GIOIA magazine. This pose seems to be a staple in her arsenal of talent as she provided GQ magazine with the same leggy view back in 2016. Nonetheless it is worth reviewing again as she looks amazing and her legs in a short dress with sky high stilettos look fabulous.

Celebrity sexy legs in short dresses and stilettos

charlize theron


Amy Adams Showing Off Her Beauty and Style Perfection for Emmy Magazine

Amy Adams looked quite fetching as she appeared in Emmy magazine in various closeup and fashionable photos. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood both from a physical beauty and talent standpoint. There are few actors I give enough crap about to bother seeing just because they are in it but she happens to be one of a select few. She is also one of the most classy and elegant women in Hollywood. Her physical beauty is perfecto. Her legs are fabulous and her beauty is always stunning. She is indeed a favorite.

amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams amy adams


Joanne Froggatt is Alluring and Sexy for Fashion Spread

Joanne Froggatt is one of my favorite celebrities. Loved her on Downton Abey and then when she came out promoting the show I was delighted to see how physically appealing she was. She has really nice legs which were obviously totally covered in the period piece. She recently  modeled for Phoenix magazine and looking quite fabulous. A little more serious than I think her personality needed she still looked amazing particularly showing off her shapely legs. joanne froggatt joanne froggatt joanne froggatt joanne froggatt joanne froggatt joanne froggatt