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Sofia Vergara Long Legs in a Home and Style Magazine Shoot

Sofia Vergara posed for Hola magazine with her husband inside of her home. Most of the photos were less than interesting except for this one were she shows off her lovely long legs and bountiful cleavage in a short lace strapless number with sky high ankle strap high heels. She looks amazing as usual.

sofia vergara


Nicole Kidman Leggy in Photoshoot for Flaunt

I’m not certain what goes on with Nicole Kidman’s face half the time but I find the rest of her fabulous with her long legs typically decorated in stunning fashion choices. She has great legs and typically it is only in fashion shoots that we see her strapping on heels taller than, oh, say 3″ due to her height on the red carpet and the fact that she typically towers over 90% of the males that parade down the red carpet with her. She looks great in this photoshoot for Flaunt. Her long legs are on prominent display.

nicole kidman

nicole kidman

nicole kidman

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Harper’s Bazaar in the Grocery Aisle

Gwyneth Paltrow took to Harper’s Bazaar to show off her flat belly and her gorgeous toned legs in a sexy but odd photo shoot in the local grocery. She strutted her long legs through the aisles in appealing swim wear and little black numbers with stylish pumps. She looked quite amazing.

gwyneth paltrow harpers bazaargwyneth paltrow harpers bazaar gwyneth paltrow harpers bazaar  gwyneth paltrow harpers bazaar

Nicole Kidman Sexy For Jimmy Choo Promotion

Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous for a stylish Jimmy Choo promotion campaign. The woman is one is one of my favorite actresses. She is talented and beautiful and always looks stylish. She has long legs that she tends to show off in fashionable dresses. She is very tall which sometimes keeps her from wearing towering high heels, especially on the red carpet. But when she does she looks amazing. I know everybody digs Louboutin heels but Jimmy Choo has some incredible styles as well. Nicole is the perfect model for this campaign.

nicole kidman for jimmy choo nicole kidman for jimmy choonicole kidman for jimmy choo nicole kidman for jimmy choo

Sara Paxton is Sexy in Short Shorts and High Heels for a Magazine Shoot

Digging this photoshoot of Sara Paxton for Troix magazine. I really have no idea who Sara Paxton is nor have I ever heard of Troix magazine. Regardless the woman is gorgeous with long legs wearing short shorts and high heels. She looks classy and stylish with plenty of sex appeal.

Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her Long Legs in Maxim

I long ago gave up Maxim magazine. But every once in a while they have a great photoset that makes it worthwhile to at least check out what the web is talking abut. These photos of Cameron Diaz in a short skirt, short shorts and sexy high heels are some of the best photos in quite a while. Her gorgeous legs are on full display. They are long and shapely and look great in her towering high heels.

Cameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legs