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Amy Adams Gorgeous Marie Claire Cover and Leggy Photoshoot

Amy Adams makes another return in Marie Claire. I posted another photoshoot from a Amy Adams in another Marie Claire photoshoot that was really hot. This current shoot is pretty good. Amy looks amazing but the couture fashion is not all that exciting. She showed off her legs in a short dress and clunky platform high heels in one sexy photos. She’s one of my favorite celebrities and certainly one of my favorite actresses. She could wear a burlap sack and probably make it interesting.

amy marie claire

amy marie claire

Sara Paxton is Sexy in Short Shorts and High Heels for a Magazine Shoot

Digging this photoshoot of Sara Paxton for Troix magazine. I really have no idea who Sara Paxton is nor have I ever heard of Troix magazine. Regardless the woman is gorgeous with long legs wearing short shorts and high heels. She looks classy and stylish with plenty of sex appeal.

Eva Longoria is Stunning in a ‘Housewives’ Photoshoot Showing Her Gorgeous Legs and Sexy Legs

Eva Longoria is stunning in a Desperate Housewives promo photoshoot. She has amazing legs that are beautifully displayed in short dresses and killer sky high heels. I love the low cut dresses that show off her beautiful cleavage. I’ve never been much of a fan of the TV show but sometimes it is enough to pop on and see watch the producers have her wearing. Unfortunately it is not nearly as appealing as these promo photos. These are incredible.

eva longoria legseva longoria legseva longoria legseva longoria legs

Blake Lively Shows Off Her Sexy Legs Wearing High Heels in Glamour Magazine

Blake Lively is one of my favorite celebrities. She is statuesque and gorgeous. Her gorgeous legs are long and she is very pretty. I have no idea if she has any talent or not as I haven’t watched anything. That said, I enjoy seeing her parade down the red carpet or appear in a sexy photoshoot as she stylish and tends to wear tight, short and revealing dresses and gowns. And she tends to accentuate her beautiful legs wearing towering high heels. She looks great in these Glamour magazine photos.

blake lively high heelsblake lively high heels

Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her Long Legs in Maxim

I long ago gave up Maxim magazine. But every once in a while they have a great photoset that makes it worthwhile to at least check out what the web is talking abut. These photos of Cameron Diaz in a short skirt, short shorts and sexy high heels are some of the best photos in quite a while. Her gorgeous legs are on full display. They are long and shapely and look great in her towering high heels.

Cameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legsCameron Diaz legs

Amy Adams is Sexy and Leggy in Marie Claire

Amy Adams is smoking hot. She has been making the rounds lately promoting her fighting movie. She has returned to her former sexy self after having a baby. She didn’t have far to go to return to her gorgeous looks but it is clear she put in the effort. She has great legs and is one of the most stylish actresses working today.

Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011