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Sofia Vergara Long Legs in a Home and Style Magazine Shoot

Sofia Vergara posed for Hola magazine with her husband inside of her home. Most of the photos were less than interesting except for this one were she shows off her lovely long legs and bountiful cleavage in a short lace strapless number with sky high ankle strap high heels. She looks amazing as usual.

sofia vergara


Lea Michele is a Sexy Home Decorator

Lea Michele covered InStyle home magazine showing off her lovely crossed legs in a pretty floral dress and ankle strap high heels. I have no idea if she can decorate her home but if it’s anything like how she decorates herself for the camera then it is probably in good shape. Always nice to see the talent in classy photos. Such a rarity these days with the majority dispensing with their modesty.

lea michele

Hilary Swank is Gorgeous and Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Hilary Swank is a stylish woman. She always looks good in photoshoots as well as red carpet events. These photos are of her posing for UK Instyle magazine. I think she look incredible. Her hair is beautiful. I love the shot of her crossed sexy legs in high heels. The shot of her fiddling with the camera shows a hint of her cleavage as well. The thing I like about Swank is that she is a sporty chick. She is fit. You can tell by the muscle tone in her body and particularly her gorgeous legs that she exercises and runs. She’s a great actress and beautiful woman. I’m a fan.

Hilary SwankHilary Swank

Tiffani Thiesen Has Sexy Crossed Legs Wearing High Heels

Tiffani Thiesen, or is it Tiffani Amber Thiessen? I dunno. Seems like she changed it. Whatever. She is seen in these photos promoting her new TV show wearing a perfect little black dress and towering high heels. It’s about time this beautiful celebrity find her way back to some TV show. I’ve always liked her. She plays cool characters and she is a whole bag of eye candy. Clearly she has maintained her gorgeous looks. Her legs are shapely and fit. Glad she’s back.