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Nicole Kidman Leggy in Photoshoot for Flaunt

I’m not certain what goes on with Nicole Kidman’s face half the time but I find the rest of her fabulous with her long legs typically decorated in stunning fashion choices. She has great legs and typically it is only in fashion shoots that we see her strapping on heels taller than, oh, say 3″ due to her height on the red carpet and the fact that she typically towers over 90% of the males that parade down the red carpet with her. She looks great in this photoshoot for Flaunt. Her long legs are on prominent display.

nicole kidman

nicole kidman

nicole kidman

Amy Adams Gorgeous Marie Claire Cover and Leggy Photoshoot

Amy Adams makes another return in Marie Claire. I posted another photoshoot from a Amy Adams in another Marie Claire photoshoot that was really hot. This current shoot is pretty good. Amy looks amazing but the couture fashion is not all that exciting. She showed off her legs in a short dress and clunky platform high heels in one sexy photos. She’s one of my favorite celebrities and certainly one of my favorite actresses. She could wear a burlap sack and probably make it interesting.

amy marie claire

amy marie claire

Julianne Moore Sexy Legs and Style for LA Confidential Magazine

Julianne Moore, fresh off her Academy Award for ‘Still Alice’, makes a stunning appearance on the cover and in the pages of L.A. Confidential magazine. She shows off her fabulous legs and sexy curves in fashionable layouts. She is one of the most talented and sexy women in Hollywood. She loves her couture which can sometime be a fashion freak show but as long as she is showing off her shapely legs it’s usually all good.

julianne moore julianne moore

Nicole Kidman Sexy For Jimmy Choo Promotion

Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous for a stylish Jimmy Choo promotion campaign. The woman is one is one of my favorite actresses. She is talented and beautiful and always looks stylish. She has long legs that she tends to show off in fashionable dresses. She is very tall which sometimes keeps her from wearing towering high heels, especially on the red carpet. But when she does she looks amazing. I know everybody digs Louboutin heels but Jimmy Choo has some incredible styles as well. Nicole is the perfect model for this campaign.

nicole kidman for jimmy choo nicole kidman for jimmy choonicole kidman for jimmy choo nicole kidman for jimmy choo

Amy Adams is Sexy and Leggy in Marie Claire

Amy Adams is smoking hot. She has been making the rounds lately promoting her fighting movie. She has returned to her former sexy self after having a baby. She didn’t have far to go to return to her gorgeous looks but it is clear she put in the effort. She has great legs and is one of the most stylish actresses working today.

Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011Amy Adams sexy in Marie Claire Jan 2011

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Sexy Legs and Cleavage in Tatler Magazine

Jennifer Lopez has rediscovered her hotness. She has been looking incredible lately. I guess it has to do with her being a new judge on that crapfest American Idol show as well as getting back in shape following her pregnancy a couple of years ago. Now she is just smoking hot. I have no idea what Tattler magazine is but she looks great in it. She shows off her sexy cleavage and gorgeous legs in the photoshoot. It’s good to have her back.

Jennifer Lopez legsJennifer Lopez legsJennifer Lopez cleavage

Tiffani Thiesen Has Sexy Crossed Legs Wearing High Heels

Tiffani Thiesen, or is it Tiffani Amber Thiessen? I dunno. Seems like she changed it. Whatever. She is seen in these photos promoting her new TV show wearing a perfect little black dress and towering high heels. It’s about time this beautiful celebrity find her way back to some TV show. I’ve always liked her. She plays cool characters and she is a whole bag of eye candy. Clearly she has maintained her gorgeous looks. Her legs are shapely and fit. Glad she’s back.