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Adriana Lima Because She Has Fantastic Breasts

It’s cold. So I needed a lift by a seeing a beautiful woman in her swimsuit. Adriana Lima seems like a good choice for my craving today. She has such an unbelievable body. I’m glad she is a Victoria’s Secret model and not a runway model. I don’t care for rail thin fashion models at all. I like lingerie and swimsuit models. Now those babes are worth a glance. And at the top of the pile of beautiful women is Adriana Lima.

adrian lima

adriana lima

adriana lima

adriana lima

Megan Fox in a Bikini

If you are a fan of Megan Fox you have by now seen these beautiful and sexy photos of her from GQ. Gorgeous in a bikini I would say. She is one of the few stars who oozes sexuality without seeming skanky I think. She just has a beauty and attitude that is very attractive and appealing. I dig this chick. She’s a lot of fun to check out.
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Mariah Carey in a Bikini

This is Mariah Carey in a bikini. You probably had a hard time figuring out that it was the Mimi, what with all the photoshopping going on and all. I wonder if Mariah has final say on her photos? I bet that is her diva prerogative. I realize that Mariah basicaly has a smoking hot body. She’s kept herself looking good and I really dig her legs and the high heels that she decorates them with. But she seems like a high maintenance nightmare. Seems hard to objectify someone with such a horrible disposition like she is God’s gift to the world. She’s not. But I still oddly find myself drawn to objectifying her anyway.