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Olivia Munn Showing Off Her Fitness and Style in Swimsuits for Magazine Spread

Olivia Munn made the pages of Women’s Health showing off her fit body in a variety of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. She has a great body that she adds in a little extra effort on top of her obvious natural physical attributes. She is one of the most stylish and physically attractive women in the cesspool, otherwise known as Hollywood. She is a perfect addition to the cover of this magazine. She has a girl next door vibe along with being ultra-sexy and fashionable. Her exotic looks are perfection.


Olivia Munn Bikini and One Piece Swimsuit Toned and Fit Photos

Oliva Munn covered Women’s Health Magazine for this month looking as gorgeous as ever showing off her fit and toned body. She looked great in a series of bikini and one-piece swimsuit photos. I actually like when she is not so heavily made up. She is a natural beauty that tends ot wear a ton of makeup in her Instagram post and such. She has a great body and is one of the most stylish women in Hollywood.

Adriana Lima Because She Has Fantastic Breasts

It’s cold. So I needed a lift by a seeing a beautiful woman in her swimsuit. Adriana Lima seems like a good choice for my craving today. She has such an unbelievable body. I’m glad she is a Victoria’s Secret model and not a runway model. I don’t care for rail thin fashion models at all. I like lingerie and swimsuit models. Now those babes are worth a glance. And at the top of the pile of beautiful women is Adriana Lima.

adrian lima

adriana lima

adriana lima

adriana lima

Megan Fox in a Bikini

If you are a fan of Megan Fox you have by now seen these beautiful and sexy photos of her from GQ. Gorgeous in a bikini I would say. She is one of the few stars who oozes sexuality without seeming skanky I think. She just has a beauty and attitude that is very attractive and appealing. I dig this chick. She’s a lot of fun to check out.
Best celebrity legs

Mariah Carey in a Bikini

This is Mariah Carey in a bikini. You probably had a hard time figuring out that it was the Mimi, what with all the photoshopping going on and all. I wonder if Mariah has final say on her photos? I bet that is her diva prerogative. I realize that Mariah basicaly has a smoking hot body. She’s kept herself looking good and I really dig her legs and the high heels that she decorates them with. But she seems like a high maintenance nightmare. Seems hard to objectify someone with such a horrible disposition like she is God’s gift to the world. She’s not. But I still oddly find myself drawn to objectifying her anyway.