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Scarlett Johanson in a Sexy Little Black Dress

Scarlett Johanson’s body looks fantastic in this little lace black dress. Everybody is in agreement that her body is fantastic. But, and it’s probably just me or the camera angle, but her face looks huge. I never noticed that before. Maybe it’s her ugly hairstyle or something. But she has a big face thing going on. Luckily my concentration doesn’t linger over her face very much as there is a far more interesting things to check out like her sexy legs. She is attending some Moet Chandon Tribute, whatever that is.



Scarlett Johansson is Overrated

Not sure what people see in Scarlett Johansson. She continues her lack of impressive photoshoots and crappy movies. Sure she sucked face with Penélope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona which was probably hot. But nobody cares about Woody Allen movies anymore. Just get the screenshots. Anyway, I think she could do much better, but she doesn’t seem like she cares to be hot for the masses. Which is cool. But she will find herself falling off the radar of being a sex symbol and she’s just not that good of an actress. And she damn sure can’t sing. So I think she should embrace her hotness like Megan Fox, who is another mediocre actress but looks fantastic and will continue to get roles. Maybe Scarlett can continue to do Woody Allen movies that nobody will go see. She showed up recently promoting her latest crap movie The Spirit wearing Aunt Martha’s dress and high heels. Totally over-rated.

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johanson in Short Shorts = Not Pretty

I often wondered why we never see Scarlett Johansson frolicking around on the beach in her bikini. Or why she never wears thigh baring skirts or dresses. Or why her dresses are always fluffy or poofy around the waist. The answer is now upon us. I don’t find her all that hot in her cutoff denim shorts. I know you will be mesmerized by her large breasts and think she is a total dish. I will have to completely disagree. Her hips and ass look huge, man. And not in that good Kardashian/JLo way. Her legs look pasty and sloppy. And I have a personal distaste for that hat. She’s kind of funny looking.