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Scarlett Johanssen Rocks…Not Really

Being that I am a guy and not gay, you would think that I would be part of the Scarlett Johansen is sexy and hot and awesome! club. Alas, this is not to be. I’ve seen a couple of her movies and found her boring. I’ve also heard her singing and found it to be boring. I have seen her body and found it not to be boring. But a large set of tits really doesn’t do it for me and my female objectification purposes. It’s funny about magazines and Hollyweird and the media. They promote these women like they are some incredible piece of meat but the fact is I could go into virtually any mall in any city of the United States and come out with a chick way hotter than anything in Hollywood this side of the Kate Beckinsale/Charlize Theron duo.

So now Scarlett wants to lend her singing talents to the world. I really hate when these actresses get popular and they decide not only do they need to act, but they need to sing. Or vice-versa, thank you very much Britney, Jessica, And of course nothing is complete until you get your own line of shoes and perfume. Total over-exposure. So good luck Scarlett. You now have the ability to bore me in two distinct ways.

Scarlett Johansen