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Nancy O’Dell is Sexy in a Blue Dress and Knee High Boots

Nancy O’Dell has decorated her body in a sexy and form fitting blue dress for Matt Lauer’s Friars Club roast. It suits her well. She is like the perfect little blonde doll. Blue and blondes go well. The only thing that I would have liked to see was her feet strapped into some high heels. The knee high boots are sexy enough but I still prefer high heels. At any rate, the girl is very pretty and a lot of fun to look at.

Nancy O’Dell is Sexy

I’ve always thought Nancy O’Dell to be a live version of a Barbie Doll. She’s too pretty. She’s very sexy. She has fantastic curves. She is simply a lot of fun to look at. And given that she is always on TV she typically knows what to wear. If she is on the red carpet she is showing off her cleavage. I would like for her to show off her legs more though. She generally keeps those covered it seems. Here is a couple set of Nancy O’Dell photos. One is of a recent red carpet appearance and the other is for some show where she becomes a runway model. I was interested in it solely for Nancy being in tight jeans and wearing high heels.