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Marisa Miller Stunning in a Plunging Gown

Marisa Miller used to be my favorite Victoria’s Secret model. I guess she still is but she hasn’t appeared for them in a while I don’t think. In fact I haven’t seen her in a long time in much of anything. She had/has the most impeccable body. Perfect curves. Long shapely legs and great hair. Came across this almost ten year old spread she did for a magazine. Stunning.

marisa millermarisa miller


Marisa Miller is Bootylicious in Pink

The title to this blog post is an understatement. It is an obvious observation. I’ve seen a lot of sexy bikini photos of Marisa Miller from Victoria’s Secret photoshoots, various calendars and mens-centric websites, but none as fresh and lovely as this. Why this photo? I don’t know. Let’s see: The fact that her fabulous ass cheeks are hanging half out of her booty shorts helps. The side view of her boob is a nice sight. Her long and shapely legs are fantastic. Marisa Miller may in fact have the most perfect legs I have seen. And her hair is very pretty as well. I love the length and color. Keep up the good work Marisa.

Marisa Miller