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Elizabeth Hurley Has the Greatest Celebrity Breasts

Elizabeth Hurley has the best celebrity breasts. Her sexy legs also rank pretty high on my list as well. She is gorgeous and continues to look amazing year after year. She is stylish, fashionable and simply classy. Yea I know that people like Christina Hendricks huge boobs. Yes Sofia Vergara has beautiful breasts. But I continue to enjoy Hurley’s perfect natural breasts. Her cleavage is always perfect. Such a lovely woman. She look fantastic in her swimsuits posing for YO magazine.

elizabeth hurley yo magazine cleavageelizabeth hurley yo magazine cleavageelizabeth hurley yo magazine cleavage


Elizabeth Hurley is Busty in a Glamour Photography Shoot

Thought it time to shove out some more photos of the ever beautiful Elizabeth Hurley. I really wish she would act again. She may not be an Oscar contender but she was entertaining enough in the features she was in. Now we hardly ever see her. Such a shame as I really like her. And I really like her curvy body. She embraces her hotness tending to show off her long legs and/or large breasts in elegant and sophisticated dresses. She really knows how to decorate her body in an eye pleasing manner. And she has perfect breasts.

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