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Marisa Miller Stunning in a Plunging Gown

Marisa Miller used to be my favorite Victoria’s Secret model. I guess she still is but she hasn’t appeared for them in a while I don’t think. In fact I haven’t seen her in a long time in much of anything. She had/has the most impeccable body. Perfect curves. Long shapely legs and great hair. Came across this almost ten year old spread she did for a magazine. Stunning.

marisa millermarisa miller


Lindsay Lohan Looks Rather Amazing on Paper

Lindsay Lohan found herself on the cover of Paper magazine looking rather awesome. The woman has a nice bosom that the editors put on full display for their readers. I think it was some sexy Snow White deal but whatever it was it looked pretty good. Which, to be honest, is surprising as I haven’t been much of a fan of the Lohan but I find her appearance in this magazine to be quite delightful. She looks great.lindsay lohan

lindsay lohan

Kate Beckinsale Stylish Covering Tatler

Kate Beckinsale made the cover of Tatler magazine looking as stylish and fashionable as ever. The editors did a nice job of showing off the otherworldly beauty of one of the most popular and stylish celebrities in media. Despite smearing baby foreskins over her face which is totally weird I still find her a favorite among the celebrity elite. Her face is ever changing as she continues to work out the aforementioned regimes in an effort to remain crease-less, however I prefer to focus on her still shapely legs and trim curves. Her pins remain in the top percentage of great legs in high heels.

kate beckinsalekate beckinsalekate beckinsale kate beckinsale kate beckinsale


Hailee Steinfeld Fabulous for Cosmo Layout

Hailee Steinfeld covered Cosmo magazine looking fabulous as usual. The inner pages had her revealing her top-drawer sexy legs in high heels. I think she is one of the most beautiful women. Her physique is 20-something perfect and her style and fashion sense are eye-catching. I really can’t say enough positive attributes about her legs. She remains a favorite.

hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld


Maggie Grace Long Legs in Towering High Heels

An oldie but goodie starring Maggie Grace and her long sexy legs in a revealing photoshoot. She wore a formal tuxedo jacket and staggering high stilettos to show off her fabulous legs. I don’t see her much at red carpet events to comment about what she is doing lately but these images are quite amazing and makes me wish we would see more of her than we have.

maggie grace maggie grace maggie grace


Hailee Steinfeld Gorgeous and Sexy for Harper’s Bazaar

Hailee Steinfeld made the cover of Harper’s Bazaar a lot more interesting. The gorgeous actress/singer looked amazing in a weird feather shirt but with fabulous hair and perfect makeup application. The young woman is an incredible beauty. Always looking forward to seeing what she wears to the red carpet and seeing her in various print media.

hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld hailee steinfeld