Kelly Brook is Desirable in Lingerie

Kelly Brook is just one of those women that is so freaking desirable. She is very sexy, gorgeous and seems like a pretty cool chick. But mostly she is desirable. Probably ranks right up there in the top 10-15 of the most desirable women in the world. She has everything going for her physically. Virtually no flaw. She’s beautiful. She has large natural breasts. She has as round and firm an ass as a white girl can. She has long shapely legs. Her hair is gorgeous and long. Her smile is pretty. Flat stomach. She is stylish. She doesn’t have a problem with showing off her beauty. She seems to like being sexy. She’s British. So today I decided to celebrate the beauty that I enjoy objectifying with this post and a sexy, albeit a bit dated, photo. You can scream Photoshop all you want, but the fact remains she still has a lot of natural beauty. Keep up the good work Kelly.

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